Diameter / Height

A Stage
300kg 1m x 2m
mm H
B Round Stage
1500kg 5 meter Diameter
C Revolve 100 Black fiber glass top 100kg 320mm D 120mm H
D Revolve 250 Black fiber glass top 250kg 455mm to 1200mm D 180mm H
E Bike Revolve Oval shape Aluminum top with lights 250kg 2200 x 900 200mm H
F Revolve 750 750kg 1200mm to 1800mm D 250mm H
G Revolve 2000 2500kg 2000mm D 300mm H
H Revolve 3000 2500kg 3000mm D
300mm H
I Car Turntable Double H Frame 2000kg As Per Vehicle
J Car Turntable Full Floor 3000kg 4.6 meter D x 280mm H
K Car Turntable Full Floor
3000kg 6 meter D x 280mm H
L Car ramps with lights silver vain 1800kg 1500mm long x 300mm wide x 300mm H
M Cocktail Tables Silver vain black top
  900mm H x 700mm D
N Ceiling Turntable 10kg 130 x 130 mm 80mm H
P Raised Floor black
150kg 1m x 1m x100mm H

Power Supply 220 Volts 15 Amp Plug Socket

Special Tops to be quoted
Revolving stages
Show exhibitions
Special Prices for 30 day hire 
Turntables, time switch, remote start and stop available if required
Rotating Signs
Motorbike turntables
Vehicle turntables

Products can be hired